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Everywhere you look, perfect smiles

It’s a strange, recent phenomenon: Egyptians with perfect white smiles. Now, not to be cynical, but genetically speaking, perfect pearls are not part of Egypt’s general gene pool. Just like the English, our teeth are not our strongest asset. So what’s the cause of this all? Simply put, it s veneers, a dental procedure that …

Heba Elkayal

SPOTTED! : Egyptian designers grace Abu Dhabi red carpet

Hend Sabry, the darling of Arab cinema, is currently in Abu Dhabi showing the world that talent in Egypt extends to more than just cinema. From the opening night gala screening to her morning duties (Sabry is a jury member at the Middle East International Film Festival in Abu Dhabi) she has been spotted decked …

Heba Elkayal

Lifestyle Highlight: Cairo's best coffee shop

Cairo’s best franchise coffee shop, in my opinion, is located on 10 Al Ahram Street in Heliopolis. Gloria Jean’s Coffees is, literally, the neighborhood’s coffee shop where regular patrons have been coming since it quietly opened its doors last spring. They take their books and newspapers, quietly nod hello to other regulars, and get down …

Heba Elkayal

Menswear trends: possible to strut on Egypt's streets?

It is an exercise in careful fashion ponderings and considerations when fashion weeks in Europe and the US start setting the trends for the seasons to come. With women, one considers whether hemlines can be lengthened or shortened? Last season’s clutch with this season’s prints? But with menswear, especially with regards to the latest offerings …

Heba Elkayal

10 ways to wear your little black dress

The little black dress is the most prevalent item in every woman’s wardrobe. Whether you’re a fashonista or exercise mild interest in the world of what’s vogue, you will most probably own a simple black dress. Fashion is an art, and just as an artist translates ordinary objects into captivating creations, you should be able …

Heba El-Sherif

Delicatesse du Monde brings gourmet delights to your home

CAIRO: The eoldest son in an Egyptian family is groomed from childhood to take over the family business one day. But Waleed Abdel-Rahman didn’t want to simply follow in the footsteps of his father, but carve his own path in the same field his family leads. His first project was Delicatesse du Monde, a premium …

Safaa Abdoun

Nirvana members dismayed by 'Guitar Hero 5'

Kurt Cobain s appearance in the latest Guitar Hero video game is not hitting the right notes with the surviving members of Nirvana. Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl said in a joint statement Thursday that they were dismayed and very disappointed that an avatar of the late Nirvana frontman could be used to play songs …


Conservative clothing line rediscovers sexy

When you think of a conservative clothing line, abayas and long, loose dresses come to mind, as do burqas and bell-shaped sleeves. But two young American-Muslim designers are changing the idea of conservative dress. A new clothing line from designers Nyla Hashmi, 23, and Fatima Monkush, 25, combines fashion and modesty with style. Eva Khurshid …

Safaa Abdoun

Writing for Arab world is no piece of cake, say Elle, Marie-Claire

France-based women’s mags Elle and Marie-Claire, are continuing a push into the Arab market but say having to adapt content to local sensitivities without contradicting their own ideals is no piece of cake. Marie-Claire has editions in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates and last week launched a monthly in Saudi Arabia, where competitor Elle …


Obesity surgery death rates are low, study finds

Obese, but worried that surgery for it might kill you? The risk of that has dropped dramatically, and now is no greater than for having a gall bladder out, a hip replaced or most other major operations, new research shows. The study looked at safety results for gastric bands and stomach stapling at 10 US …

Daily News Egypt

Gaultier says actress inspired him to become designer

Jean-Paul Gaultier paid a personal homage to French actress Micheline Presle who inspired him to become a fashion designer at his haute couture show for next winter on Wednesday, the last day of the collections. He said he remembered seeing her when he was a child in the film Falbalas which describes the world of …


Scotch 101: The science and art of whisky making

The introduction of Chivas Regal whiskey into the Egyptian market recently has spawned a more educated approach to whiskey drinking and appreciation. Owned by spirit giant Perno and Ricard, Chivas Regal was given a fine introduction in Egypt last week by Ken Lindsey, a brand ambassador who for the past 20 years, has traveled to …

Daily News Egypt

BEDOUIN LIVES: A weekend of Bedouin bliss

The heat and rising temperature of Cairo is getting to the irritation of even the most hardened resident. The pollution, crowds, dust and noise is a constant reminder of the city we love; but the heat of early summer is starting to break our good humor. You need, indeed you deserve, a break. Somewhere where …

Daily News Egypt

McCartney and Yoko urge meat-free Mondays

Beatles legend and famous vegetarian Paul McCartney was joined by John Lennon s widow Yoko Ono Monday to launch an appeal in Britain for meat-free Mondays. McCartney said going vegetarian, even for just one day a week, was good for the environment because of research suggesting it cuts greenhouse gas emissions from the world s …


Lifestyle highlight: Charitable fashionistas

A stroll through Mounaya, one of Cairo’s most beautiful boutiques, is a relaxing experience. The brainchild of sisters-daughter team Ghada and Rufayda Abdel Hak and Rufayda’s daughter Rudayna, Mounaya offers beautiful jewelry, bags, home wares and novelties designed and produced locally. Best of all, there’s always an Orientalist twist to the products. As the boutique …

Heba Elkayal

A Willy Wonkan affair

The Four Seasons First Residence had the brilliant idea of creating a weekly full-fledged chocolate buffet ala Willy Wonka; to an extent. The visual sight of so much chocolate arranged in cakes, tarts, and mousses layered in glasses like trifle made me giggle like a little girl. A chocolate fountain freely bubbling and flowing made …

Heba Elkayal

Heat effective in treating throat condition, says study

Zapping away abnormal, precancerous cells in the throat may lower the risk of later developing esophageal cancer, the first major study to test this technique finds. In a study of 127 people suffering from a heartburn-related problem known as Barrett s esophagus, only about 1 percent who had a procedure that uses heat to burn …

Daily News Egypt

Zeynep Hanif's intricate designs carry femininity, sophistication

As one of many Arab women fascinated by the invasion of Turkish soap operas, I couldn’t disregard an invitation to a jewelry show by a Turkish designer. Away from soap operas, Turks are known for their fine jewelry and intricate designs and Zeynep Hanif’s show featured just that: exquisite designs made with a variety of …

Safaa Abdoun

Please, no cucumbers near my eyes

I’m good with it all unless they put cucumbers on my eyes, I wrote my editor in an email, as I contemplated my first ever spa treatment at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza. “I never let vegetables near my eyes. “Don’t worry about cucumbers, she wrote back, somewhat ominously. As I took a taxi down …

Theodore May

A tête-à-tête on fashion trends

When you win a national fashion design competition at age 16, and you’re judged by Dame Vivienne Westwood to have the most creative designs among thousands of entries, you’re on the right track to the world of fashion. Lady Kinvara Balfour grew up in London as one of four fashion conscious girls with an ever …

Heba Elkayal

Ginger and Spice and everything nice

What does one get when two best friends, both mothers of toddlers, having an avid passion for baking, and a mind frame for eating consciously healthy food, come together? Ginger and Lace: a bakery for artisan bespoke cookies with the finest ingredients sourced from Egypt. Basma Hamdy and Nora Abdel Salam Hussein are two young …

Heba Elkayal

Albright's brooch collection to be shown in NYC

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, a forthright and tenacious negotiator, loved to communicate her mood and intentions in a more subtle way – through the brooches she wore. Now New York s Museum of Arts & Design is presenting the first ever exhibition of her pin collection, featuring some 200 of her favorites including …

Daily News Egypt

A touch of mamma's cooking

A meal at Da Mario is like a home-cooked meal that warms your stomach and heart through and through. The cuisine is Italian, and unlike many restaurants in town that claim to be authentic, it was my lunch at Da Mario that made me feel nostalgic for a trip to Rome I took last spring …

Heba Elkayal

How to decorate one's Terra

More people today are considering contemporary tastes and ideas in home decoration and renovation, a departure from the ubiquitous gilded French style that peppered every self-respecting Egyptian’s home. Off with the old, and on with the new is the attitude de jour. There’s a new-found emphasis on comfortable living to be complimented by home accessories …

Heba Elkayal

Real estate is a 'safe haven,' says Palm Hills CEO

CAIRO: Amid the gloom of the global economic crisis, Egyptian officials and industry insiders have repeatedly proclaimed the health of both the financial industry and the real estate sector. Yasseen Mansour, CEO of Palm Hills Development (PHD), echoes these sentiments, describing real estate in particular as a “safe haven even during recessionary periods or in …

Amira Salah-Ahmed

CIA "kidnap" victim eyes political career in Egypt

CAIRO: An Egyptian cleric who says he was kidnapped by the CIA in Italy and flown to Egypt for interrogation is considering a political career in his home country thanks to the fame the case has brought him. Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, also known as Abu Omar, announced his political intentions in a wide-ranging interview …


Housing stocks up on mixed Egypt stock market

CAIRO: Investor interest in housing stocks helped up small and mid-cap Egyptian shares on Tuesday amid expectations firms in the sector will benefit from increasing land prices, traders said. The benchmark Hermes index fell because seasonal holidays in western markets meant many foreign institutional investors, who traditionally prefer big-cap stocks,were absent from the market, the …


The attackers had knives and firearms, and they took documents and video tapes from Nour’s office, before starting a fire. (Photo : Ayman Nour El-Ghad El-Thawra Party's Head) (AFP\Photo)

Nour continues hunger strike

Appealing for the sympathy of the public and attention of the officials, Ayman Nour, leader of El-Ghad (Tomorrow) Party, continues his hunger strike for an eighth day – lying in a hospital room in Tora Mazraa Prison – protesting his temporary detention amid warnings of his appointed physicians and appeals from his wife.

Pakinam Amer

The attackers had knives and firearms, and they took documents and video tapes from Nour’s office, before starting a fire. (Photo : Ayman Nour El-Ghad El-Thawra Party's Head) (AFP\Photo)

Court extends detention of Nour – lawyer

An Egyptian court extended the detention of liberal politician and former presidential candidate Ayman Nour on Saturday until today, when his trial on forgery charges resumes, Nour’s lawyer said.