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Building healthcare ecosystem (PPPs) to combat COVID-19

Stronger innovative partnerships between the public and private sectors will be needed to ensure existing PPP projects survive, as project survival is the only option. With decreased economic activity, PPP projects are going to experience considerable revenue challenges in the coming weeks, months, and (possibly) years.

Ahmed Alkalawy

A New Vision for Africa through PPPs

Narrowing Sub-Saharan Africa’s infrastructure gap could have a big effect on growth. For instance, growth of GDP per capita for the region would increase by estimated 1.7% per year, if the region

Ahmed Alkalawy

Public-Private Partnerships: a method to attract  investors

The contractual nature of PPPs acts as a powerful incentive to ensure that this long-term perspective is put into practice: the public sector can no longer procure infrastructure assets while failing to maintain them properly. At the same time, the private sector has incentives, as their capital is exposed to performance risk, to design and build these assets taking into account the costs of longer-term maintenance and renewal.

Ahmed Alkalawy

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