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Israel frees 50 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for 12 detainees in Gaza

As part of a humanitarian truce, Israel released 50 Palestinian women and minors on Wednesday, in return for 12 Israeli

Shaimaa Raafat Shaimaa Raafat

Opinion| The Palestinian issue and the prospects of a two-state solution

The Palestinian issue has a long and complex history, and the recent events have added more challenges and uncertainties to

Hatem Sadek Hatem Sadek

Opinion| The Sustainable Economy Forum: How corporations can make a difference in the world

The world is facing unprecedented challenges that require urgent and collective action. Corporations have a vital role to play in

Mohamed Skander Mohamed Skander
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The box office is not a measure of success: Basma

Being a mother cost me my Hollywood dream

Kadry Al-Haggar Kadry Al-Haggar

I won’t act again and I don’t fear criticism: Shams

Shams makes comeback to music scene with her new song, “Ana Aiza Bahr”

Kadry Al-Haggar Kadry Al-Haggar

Saudi energy giant ACWA Power to pump $10bn into Egypt’s green sector: CEO

Firm to develop solar, wind, and water desalination projects in Egypt, says Marco Arcelli 

Fatma Salah Fatma Salah

Egypt’s gov’t should not borrow money to buy wheat, says NASA scientist Farouk El-Baz

Development corridor toIlink ten major cities of Egypt, starting from Lake Nasser, then Aswan, then Sohag, and so on, going

Taha Sakr Taha Sakr

AI may distort our taste of music: Walid Toufic

I love performing in live concerts and I was happy to participate in Jerash Festival

Kadry Al-Haggar Kadry Al-Haggar