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New anti-terrorism law seen as setback to press freedom, to the benefit of ‘terrorists’

Journalists rallied on 10 June 2015 for the occasion Egypt's Press Day to demand the end of journalists' detention amid other legal rights.

(DNE photo)


Public will adopt views of terrorism-supporting media amid absence of official information, says Al-Shorouk newspaper chief editor

241 militants killed since July: Military spokesman  

Clashes between the armed forces and militants in North Sinai since the beginning of July left 241 militants dead.
(AFP Photo)

Many Sheikh Zuweid residents are relocating following Wednesday clashes

Journalists fear new anti-terrorism law will affect reporting

North Sinai militants post photo of a suicide operation in one of the checkpoints in Sheikh Zuweid. Photo from "State of Sinai" affiliated website


Field reporters play the main role in telling the people the truth, says Sinai-based journalist

Egypt’s purchase of hacking software documented in new leaks

A vast database of files and emails belonging to a controversial Italian digital surveillance company was leaked online on Sunday night, providing evidence of Egypt’s purchasing of spy-software.

(AFP File Photo)

‘Youth activists, political parties, human rights organisations – you and anyone they want’ can be targeted by surveillance software says security researcher

Court reveals details behind Morsi’s death sentence verdict

The Cairo Criminal Court submitted the grounds on which former president Mohamed Morsi and five others were handed death sentences.

(DNE Photo)

Hamas, Hezbollah and militant bedouins ‘plotted against Egypt’

‘The Republican Guard’ incident: Ambiguity remains 2 years later

Egyptian supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi sit in front of barbed wire fencing that blocks the access to the headquarters of the Republican Guard in Cairo on July 8, 2013.
(AFP Photo)

The sit-in was to protest the military ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi on 3 July 2013.

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EGOTH targets revenues at EGP 120 in next FY

Egyptian General Company for Tourism and Hotels will pump EGP 900m for development of its hotels and resorts to make up for losses

National Bank of Abu Dhabi leads OCI-IPIC plant financing: Sawiris

Financing was obtained in record timing, the top Egyptian businessman added 

‘Heliopolis for Housing and Development’ proposes Heliopark worth EGP 6bn: Board Chairman

By Sahar El-Zarkany and Ahmed Eid           Heliopolis for Housing and Development (HCHD) proposed two real estate projects at the Economic Summit, in New Cairo and Heliopolis City, with an investment read the rest…

Renaissance Capital to list companies in EGX

Bonds released for Qalaa Holdings will not be less than $100m: Badr

Siemens pledges $1.4m on summit’s final day

Pyle said that AlDahra is aiming to have 5,000 operational feddans by the end of 2015

(Photo courtesy of AlDahra)

Several other agreements worth €4bn signed between Siemens and Egyptian government on second day of summit

Summit’s 3rd day shows rise in renewable energy sector MoUs

President Al-Sisi during third day of the EEDC

(Photo by Ahmed El-Malky)

Several Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) were signed between international companies and the Ministry of Electricity regarding solar energy projects. MoUs were signed between Tharwa Investments and Electricity Holding Company to establish a coal-fired power plant read the rest…

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Anti-terror draft law is ‘unofficial state of emergency’: Civil societies

“Vague definitions in law leads to non-differentiation between terrorists and non-terrorists and broad crackdown,” says NGOs joint statement

Sameh Kamal sworn in as new Administrative Prosecution head

Kamal’s appointment comes following a conflict between him and another candidate, counselor Hesham Mehanna, for the position.

(Photo Public Domain)

Major efforts need to be undertaken to reserve public funds, says Kamal

The ‘Sidi Gaber clashes’: An anniversary of violence

A combo of image grab taken from a video uploaded to YouTube on July 5, 2013, shows an unidentified group of men taking refuge atop of a building while being surrounded by another group of men (Top-L), hurled of a ledge onto the roof of a building  (Top-R, Bottom-L), and then beaten (Bottom-R) during clashes between opponents and supporters of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi in the Sidi Gaber neighbourhood in the northern coastal city of Alexandria. Islamists vowed on July 6, further protests to demand the army restore Egypt's first democratically elected leader, after a day of clashes which saw 30 people killed across the country. 


Two years after the deadly clashes, Daily News Egypt reviews the incident and its implications

5 injured in Beheira bombing

Policemen injured in separate shooting in Sharqeya

Government defends anti-terror law, Press Syndicate protests

Law allows journalists’ imprisonment, shutting down of websites and other media restrictions, say NGOs

French student arrested, deported from Egypt for researching 6 April

“They knew who I was and what I was doing long before the arrest,” says student

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Government takes steps to prevent tax evasion

Officials from Tax Authority and Property Tax Authority during signing the cooperation agreement

(Photo courtesy of Ministry of Finance)

Ministry of Finance plans to increase tax revenues for fiscal year (FY) 2015-2016 to EGP 422bn

Negm, TE dispute settles unified licence file

Minister of Communications Khaled Negm

(Photo Handout from MCIT)

It started with the TE administration’s objections to the reduction of the infrastructure rental rate for Internet service providers.

Exits of foreign investments decrease by 12% in Q1 of 2015

European Union investments in Egypt in Q1 of 2015 reached $2.03bn, compared to $1.6bn in Q1 2014

$520m increase in Egypt’s foreign exchange reserves in June: CBE

The Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) balances of foreign exchange reserves increased by $520m during June, registering $20.0797bn, compared to $19.5597bn in May.

(Abdelazim Saafan/DNE Photo)

Reserves were supported by government-issued dollar bonds in the international markets during June

E-Finance collects EGP 130bn in taxes for Finance Ministry: CEO

Chairman of e-finance Ibrahim Sarhan
(DNE photo/ Omar Al-Qorashi)

80% of value was through activating Egyptian Customs Authority’s tax collection system, says Ibrahim Sarhan

Metropolitan Consulting forms strategic partnership with Al-Bluwi Saudi group

Coordination to work in the fields of financial and credit consultancy and developing small and medium enterprises

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Negm, TE dispute settles unified licence file

Minister of Communications Khaled Negm

(Photo Handout from MCIT)

It started with the TE administration’s objections to the reduction of the infrastructure rental rate for Internet service providers.

Ministry of Communications’ intervention to resolve TE crisis is legal: Negm

By Mohamed Alaa El-Din Minister of Communications Khaled Negm said his ministry’s intervention to resolve Telecom Egypt’s (TE) recent crisis is not against the law. He added, in a statement to the Daily News Egypt, that read the rest…

4G licence proposal opportunity for TE to become integrated operator

TE’s acquisition of licence means giving up EGP 20bn, revenues of next five years, says official

Nafham targets 1 million users by 2016

7-4 photo (1)

“We plan to present vocational training videos to qualify youth for the labour market,” says General Manager

Fawry financial transactions increase by 50% in Q1 of 2015

Fawry CEO Ashraf Sabry announced that financial transactions via the company's collection network increased in the first quarter
(DNE Photo)

The company started working through a paid capital worth EGP 77m, of which 75% belonged to Egyptian banks and entities including: Amlak Egypt, AlexBank, the Information Technology Development Fund, the Arab African International Bank, Raya Holdingand HSBC.

Mobile phone operators research 5G technology

It is predicted that 85% of Middle East and Africa subscribers will be 3G/4G by 2020.
(AFP Photo)

By 2020, LTE subscriptions are expected to reach 3.1bn, compared to 500m in 2014.

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Holy month unleashes hail of donation campaigns

“Maan” is the renowned actor’s initiative to rebuild the slums and restore the wasted human rights’ of its residents.  

(Photo Public Domain)

Commercials playing on smart metaphors, interactivity and abused children

Are Ramadan charity campaigns backfiring?

Campaign donation ads are made to collect both the emotional and financial support of people, but they leave as now with a main question: Are they successfully doing so, or has the plan backfired?

(Photo Public Domain)

The campaigns that ask people to donate to cancer patients feature them as people who do nothing with their lives but wait for death.

“Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience” to return for the third round

Photo handout

Global fashion legends and emerging talents to showcase their latest creations at Dubai Mall

Yahia and Cairo Marriott awaken Khedive Ismail and Empress Eugenie

This time the alluring marble staircase witnessed the first public appearance of Yahia’s FW 2015 collection, “Your Grace”
(Photo handout)

“I am so inspired by royalties, especially the royal era in Egypt,” says Yahia

Hellofood: Fastest online platform for delivering food 


“Hellofood” is a company that believes that sharing good times means sharing good food.

The Design Studio rediscovers Khan El-Khalili through ‘One thousand and one nights’

The design studio holds occasional exhibitions to celebrate the students’ most outstanding pieces
(Photo handout)

“We had to work on our first collection so I chose some Egyptian household objects and I wanted to study and modernise them,” says a student

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Enactus BUE rebuilds national craft

The modern pottery masterpieces currently produced at Fokhar City
(Photo from Facebook)

“Many people were attracted to the project, and even asked to be trained in the district after it evolved to work on a very high scale,” says team leader

When nothing in the addict’s life is ‘Under Control’

The series showed the addict as a patient that  constantly needs support not to return to his old habits 
(Photo Public Domain)

Unlike previous TV series that sought to blame drug addicts for destroying their own lives or the lives of their families and friends

Best novels at Goodreads Choice Awards

Romance 4

Here are the books that were selected as the best books of 2014, according to an online poll by Goodreads, an online platform for readers to communicate through rating, writing reviews and participating in discussion boards.

Between the mystic and the oppressed: Hammour Ziada’s world story of the marginalised

The plot of the novel is set during the time of the fall of the Mahdist state and the vanishing of the dream of liberation
(Photo Public domain)

The novel is the story of Bakheet Mandil, a slave freed after the British troops, aided by Egyptian and Turkish troops, defeated the army of the Mahdi in the Battle of Kerreri, North of Omdurman.

Young authors were faced with cruel injustice due to Al-Sisi’s decree

Bookstores now decline to sell books with “inappropriate” content
(Photo Handout)

It is sad and shameful that a terrible decree would be taken into consideration without anyone protesting or asking why, especially since publishing houses as well as bookstores took it more seriously than those who issued it.It is sad and shameful that a terrible decree would be taken into consideration without anyone protesting or asking why, especially since publishing houses as well as bookstores took it more seriously than those who issued it.

“BuSSy” seeks safe space

One of Bussy’s performances in Alexandria
(Photo from Bussy.com)

Crowd funding ongoing for space as group can no longer provide “safe and judgement-free environment” they promise, says project manager

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Tamarod: From deposing Morsi to its own collapse

‘Tamarod’ (Rebel) leader Mohamed Abdel Aziz

(DNE Photo)

25 January and 30 June were not revolutions because we haven’t done anything differently since, says ex-Tamarod founder

The rules of the game: Who joins last, takes over

The National Salvation Front spearheaded opposition before 30 June

(Photo by Mohamed Omar)

So long as the ruling regime gets closer to freedoms and social justice, we will be on its side. So long as it drifts away, we will be against it, says Al-Karama Party head

From palace to prison: 1 year of Morsi’s rule

Former President, Mohamed Morsi 
(AFP File Photo)

Daily News Egypt reviews decisions and circumstances which led to former president Mohamed Morsi losing popularity in one year

Repeated promises to establish a parliament in post-30 June Egypt

Thousands of opponents of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi pray during a protest calling for his ouster at Cairo's landmark Tahrir Square on June 30, 2013. 
(AFP Photo)

Officials have, between 2013 and 2015, continually promised “elections soon”, yet they remain a distant prospect

Imam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi: A man full of worries for Sudan’s future

Al-Mahdi does not believe that Sudan needs uprisings similar to the Arab Spring countries

(Photo Public Domain)

In assessing the current political situation in Sudan and the prospects for stability, Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi referred to the need to follow a new approach that is at once democratic and inclusive of all political factions

Egyptian news outlets self-censor in response to authoritative concerns

AFP File Photo

More newspapers have been banned since 2013 for controversial critical articles

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Ministry of Tourism sets cost of participating in 3 international exhibitions at €2,500: ETAA

The Ministry of Tourism set the cost for companies and hotels participating in the next three tourist exhibitions, which will be held outside Egypt until April 2016, at €2,500
(AFP File Photo)

The three exhibitions will be held in Germany, Russia, and Spain, since 72% of the annual tourist flow to Egypt is from Europe

Tourism Ministry extends Ras Sedr project regularisation to 2016: Tourism Official

French riviera

Ras Sedr includes seven sectors and 59 projects covering 25.9m sqm, number of tourist housing units reaches 15,000

Islamic monuments in Khalifa region restored through donations

The Mashhad of Elsyeda Roqia

(Photo courtesy of AtharLina website)

AtharLina initiative works on conservation of Shajar Al-Durr Dome, Mashhad El-Sayeda Roqia, shrines of Ateqa and Jaafri by year-end, says Al-Ibrashy

Ramadani tourism events in historic, non-historic places in Egypt

Tourism during holy month includes historic tours, breaking fast meals, tanoura and religious chanting shows.

(DNE Photo)

Tourism during holy month includes historic tours, breaking fast meals, tanoura and religious chanting shows

Misr Insurance pays EGP 127.5m in compensation for Taba Heights torrent damages

Photo of a Taba resort before the floods (Photo by Thoraia Abou Bakr)

By Abdel Razek Al-Shuwekhi and Mohamed Azab Misr Insurance Company has paid EGP 127.5m in total compensation to Orascom Hotels & Development Company for the material damage suffered by the latter’s  hotels in the Taba read the rest…

Domestic tourism programme to visit Taba, Nuweiba stops in Ramadan: Sulaiman

Taba Heights overlooks the sea and is surrounded by mountains

Primary approval given to extend programme until end of September, which raises hotel and compound occupancies

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A successful first victory for Egyptian teams in Africa

Abdullah Al-Saeed celebrating the second goal for his club 

(Photo Public Domain)

Smouha, Al-Ahly, and Zamalek are on top of the quarterfinals groups in the two African championships

Maged Abo Sleem third round champion of Egyptian Drifting Championship

Maged Abo defeated Mohamed Khaled, who came in second place

(Photo Public Domain)

“Egyptian Drifting” is the first Egyptian championship in drifting in the country.

Uzbekistan’s Denis Istomin is Nottingham Open surprise

Uzbekistan’s Denis Istomin

(Photo Public Domain)

Istomin qualified to the finals after achieving five victories: the first one was over the Spaniard Nicolás Almagro, with 1-6, 4-6; his second win was against Argentine Juan Mónaco, with 1-6, 2-6; and the third was against the Ukrainian Sergiy Stakhovsky, 5-7, 4-6.

Big conflict in the summer mercato between Al-Ahly and Zamalek in Egypt

There are no doubts that the conflict between Zamalek and Al-Ahly is constant and some clubs participate in increasing this conflict 

(Photo Public Domain)

Over the years, conflict between the two biggest Egyptian clubs erupted, with players moving to either one of the teams with big media fanfare.

Murray wins at Queens, Federer wins in Halle

Andy Murray lifts the title at Queen’s
(Photo Public Domain)

Roger Federer, ranked world number 2, won the 23rd Halle Open competition, which is also within the ATP World Tour 500 series.

Amro El-Geziry places Egypt at top of Modern Pentathlon

Egyptian pentathlete Amro ElGeziry 
(Photo Public Domain)

Egypt now holds 23rd place in the Modern Pentathlon games, with two silver medals and two bronze medals

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