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Preliminary list of cabinet ministers revealed

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The official presidential spokesperson, Yasser Aly, has announced that President Mosry will meet with the final cabinet tomorrow

Prime Minister-designate Hesham Qandil me today with his final candidates for his cabinet (file photo: AFP)

Prime Minister-designate Hesham Qandil met today with his final candidates for his cabinet (file photo: AFP)

Prime Minister-designate Hesham Qandil met with his final candidates for cabinet positions today.

The Daily News Egypt is publishing below part of the final candidate list to be presented to President Mohamed Morsy later today for final approval.

The names to be included are:

  1. Prime Minister: Hesham Qandil (irrigation and water resources minister from Ganzouri cabinet)
  2. Minister of Defence: Hussein Tantawi (commander-in-chief of the armed forces, SCAF chairman)
  3. Minister of Interior: Ahmed Gamal El-Din (general, assistant minister of interior, head of general security sector at the ministry)
  4. Minister of Youth: Osama Yassin (Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party)
  5. Minister of Sports: Alaa Abdel-Sadeq (former Al-Ahly player)
  6. Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mohamed Kamel Amr (from Ganzouri cabinet)
  7. Minister of Finance: Momtaz El-Said (from Ganzouri cabinet)
  8. Minister of Local Development: Ahmed Zaki Abdeen (governor of Kafr El-Sheikh, general)
  9. Minister of Environment: Khaled Abdel-Aziz
  10. Minister of Insurance and Social Affairs: Nagwa Khalil (from Ganzouri cabinet)
  11. Minister of Scientific Research: Nadia Zakhary (from Ganzouri cabinet)
  12. Minister of Higher Education: Mostafa Mes’id (Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party)
  13. Minister of Investment: Osama Saleh (head of investment authority)
  14. Minister of Utilities, Drinking Water and Sanitation (new): Abdel-Qawi Khalifa (governor of Cairo, general)
  15. Minister of Electricity: Mahmoud Rida Balba’ (head of electricity holding company)
  16. Minister of Religious Endowments: Osama El-Abd (Al-Azhar university president)
  17. Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Wealth: Osama Kamal (head of petro-chemical holding company)
  18. Minister of Communications: Hany Mahmoud (head of decision making support and information center at cabinet office)
  19. Minister of Tourism: Hesham Za’zou’ (first assistant minister of tourism to previous minister)
  20. Minister of Antiquities: Mohamed Ibrahim
  21. Minister of Housing: Tarek Wafik (Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party)
  22. Minister of Transport: Mohamed Rashad (Cairo University professor)
  23. Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources: Mohamed Bahaa El-Din (deputy minister to previous minister)
  24. Minister of Supply and Internal Trade: Abo-Zeid Mohamed Abo-Zeid (deputy head of food industry holding company)
  25. Minister of Legal, People’s Assembly, and Shura Council Affairs: Mohamed Mahsoub (moderate Islamist Wasat Party)





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